Realty Photography - Glympses of Life

Don't let your listing get lost in the sea of average photos

We offer a full line of photography and videography services designed for real estate agents in mind.  We take the time to create high quality images of your listings, allowing you to focus on what is most important to you.  No longer do you need to worry about getting the right image for each listing.

Have something special in mind?  We will work with you to customize your images so that they are exactly what you want!

We use the latest in photography equipment including hi-resolution Sony cameras, off camera flash units and the newest Adobe apps to give your clients a feeling of being there. 

Need a different angle? We have you covered.  We can deliver a video walk through of a property to give a sense of immersion.  We also provide drone photography and videography to set your listing apart from others. 

~ $85 for less than 3500 sqft

~ $165 for more than 3500 sqft

~ $75 for drone photography or video

~  $50 video walk through

~ $50 Twilight outdoor shots

All photos are edited and color corrected before delivery to you.  We will provide you with a free web gallery with a unique address.  We will also upload all photos to your website of choosing. 

Need a finishing touch? We can add fire to fire places, change sky and touch up yards. Just ask for details!

Call (937)5459688


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